So you want to know a little bit about me, eh?

tekentafelSo you want to know a little about me? Well let me tell you a little story; it all started back in 1976 in a little town called Hoorn in the northwest of the Netherlands. Here I was born and raised by my loving parents using tons of comicbooks and hours of cartoons.  If I wasn’t playing outside I could be found behind a piece of paper drawing. In my teens my education continued with Saturday night horror- and science fiction movies and computer games. Together with a small allowance and a well stocked local comic shop my tastes became more refined and my drawing-style more rounded.

When I was turned down by an art school to study graphic design (turns out having developed a distinct style of my own was not a good thing) I decided to go for a law degree instead. Meanwhile I was drawing more than ever. I started illustrating childrens’ CD’s and DVD’s, was published in some underground comic magazines and started the website Eventually I got my law degree, specializing in copyright law, and started working as a legal counsel. That didn’t stop my creative carreer though; I started the websites and, was part of the publication ‘Bloeddorst‘.

Nowadays I am a full-time freelance illustrator/designer and can still be found at home behind a piece of paper or my trusted Mac. I am a member of the Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Stripmakers and am represented by ComicHouse. If you want me to create something for you or if you just want someone to talk to feel free to mail me at or using the contact form.

I have worked for some of the following companies and people:

Airsauce Binnenste Buiten Coaching Corrino Media Group
Disky Entertainment Funk to the Max Jazz Festival Enkhuizen Kramp Kristal Coatings
Lunagames Michael Minneboo Ministerie van Defensie
No Guts No Glory Omring Productschappen Vee, Vlees & Eieren
Sense Keukens Song Seekers Studio Brouwer
TNT Express VNU Media