Hi! Welcome to my portfolio!

Hi! I am a freelance illustrator and designer from the Netherlands.

Who is this guy?
I am a freelance illustrator & cartoonist from the Netherlands. I love comics, cartoons and anything to do with images. Read more on the 'About'-page.

What am I good at? Making images and the design that makes them shine! I can help you translate your thoughts and wishes into a striking image that will perfectly suit your needs. Custom made, on time and and reasonably priced.

Visit my portfolio to see some of the images I have made and clients I have worked with.
What can he do for you?
Do you want to grab attention? Impress clients? Want something original? I create high quality, original visuals to suit your needs.

ILLUSTRATIONS are a great way to help tell a story, make products more appealing, enhance texts or to add flavor to websites.

CARTOONS & COMIC STRIPS are perfect to quickly tell a story, give instructions or to add some flair to a presentation or report.

LOGO'S & MASCOTS can be a used to create a strong and recognizable brand for you as a person or your company.
Contact me today!
Feel free to contact me to discuss your individual needs or ask any questions you may have.

You can use the contact form or call or mail me directly:


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